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Nov 30, 2006

Delicious Vinyl @ Monkey House Toys

Delicious Vinyl, a massive group show featuring over 80 custom vinyl toys, opened on November 11th at Monkeyhouse Toys in LA and closes today November 30th.   We dropped by the opening  to check out the show and Monkeyhouse toys.  We're talking ceiling to floor customs -- all perched nicely on clear plastic stands.  Munnys, Bear Qees, Toyers -- a little bit of variety. 

There were several standout pieces  including a 16" Qee by Randy Kono, a creepy dog Qee by Texas Diablo, Lou Pimentel's winged cute devil, Peter Taylor's amazing hand-drawn munny, Gina Ramirez's cute female Cat Qee, Bill BetsOvic's tweaked Bunny Qee, and Nick Da Ring's lite-brite Munny. I'm sure there are other stellar pieces I'm forgetting right now as I finish this post off.  There were so many custom toys to behold  and we have pics of almost every one.  So take a deep breath and click through to the full post to see over 140 pics ;-)  Props to all the artists and the cool people at Monkeyhouse Toys especially Zed and the store's owner, Mayra.

Monkeyhouse Toys & Art Gallery
1618 1/2 Silver Lake Bl.
LA, CA 90026

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