Customs by Dear Earthling

Rather than focusing on one toy platform, Dear Earthling has chosen to customize a large variety of toys from Zliks to Mist’s Orus.  Working this way he’s created an impressive cohesive set of custom toys which highlight both his artistry and the diversity of designer toy forms.  His most recent work,  Protectors of the Black Lotus  features three Zliks as deadly warriors surrounding a custom Treedweller.

When he’s not working on customs, Dear Earthling is  producing breakbeat and downbeat electronic music, working on his upcoming book, Vinyl Mechanics – Toying With The Future, about vinyl toy customs, and working on his own upcoming line of designer toys, the Ohmies. Check out all of his work on his myspace page.

13 Replies to “Customs by Dear Earthling”

  1. That’s some beautiful work… I love the MadL with the frogs on leashes; and also the Zliks.

  2. Tat is Da sh*t man!!! Seen these in the forums… definitely top notch customs and photography/presentation

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