Sket-Bots (10.12.06) + Contest

Featuring 16 different designs and several different head styles, the Sket-Bots designed by Sket One will drop this Thursday, October 12th from Kidrobot. These irresistibly cute figures stand 3" tall and will be sold in blind boxes.  To spice things up, Kidrobot has randomly inserted golden tickets which can be reedemed for a 7" tall giant Sket-Bot. 

Thanks to the folks at Kidrobot, we’re happy to bring you a contest to win a case of Sket-Bots.  All you have to do is enter a comment to this post and be sure to fill-in your real email address when prompted to do so.  Deadline to enter is Tuesday, October 17th @ 8 PM Pacific.

1. Enter by leaving a comment in this thread only.
2. One entry per person, multiple entries will disqualify you.
3. Contest ends on October 17th, 2006 @ 8:00 PM Pacific.
4. Shipping is covered within the Continental USA. Shipping anywhere else is paid by winner.
5. Winner will be notified by email and must respond within 72 hours of notification.

279 Replies to “Sket-Bots (10.12.06) + Contest”

  1. Well sket on me. I don’t need a whole case, one would be fine with me. But then if I like the one, I’m gonna end up buying a case anyway and I have bills to pay…so yeah, just send me the case. -)

  2. I will use the power of Sket to bring extreme pain & discipline to my legion of unruly plastic servants, ‘The Vermin’ (in the bathtub of course!) Sadly, if not chosen, all order will be lost and my homestead will fall into a state of chaos that will leave me with no other option but to self-destruct. My fate is in your hands.

  3. sket-one
    get the job done-
    watch these bots run-
    out the door-
    always wanting more-
    win or lose-
    you know we had fun-
    candy for our eyes-
    feeding the kid in me-
    one day at a time-
    rhyme.time.child. aka jess

  4. Dear Kid Robot and Sket,
    Why do you continue to make me spend ALL my money? I work REALLY hard for my dough, but every damn time I turn around there’s something else to keep me from paying my rent and my bills. Why? Why OH WHY do you do this to me? Now there are these Sketbots that will most assuredly take up all of my next paycheck. How does that make you feel, little Robot? Mr. Sket? Hmmm? That’s what I thought…speechless. Guilty. And you should feel guilt. My crack dealer isn’t even this ruthless. But that damn store down the street from my house continues to beckon more than the little yellowish-white rocks in vials. Bastards! Bastards, I say!
    With love and sincerity,

  5. i guess i have to go to uberbot this weekend and buy them because i will never win… i’m so sad πŸ™
    i would like to win i’m just not a winner.

  6. come now..
    you know you love mui..
    so what if you don’t know mui.?
    if yas’ had any clue to who i am..
    You’d hate to love me..
    love the hate.

  7. I gotta post comments to get these? Damn u Sket, mail em me now or tell em all you still where daipers… oops…
    mimic πŸ™‚

  8. it’s a good thing they’re offering up the entire set. i’d be hard pressed to choose just one. i’ll probably end up purchasing most of them anyway.

  9. My class is watching a very exciting video about colour theory. I have stepped out to check out Vinyl Pulse. I would like to continue checking out Vinyl Pulse. But my class is calling me. I want these cuties.

  10. I can’t believe I will continue to NOT win some incredible vinyl figures via Vinyl Pulse. This time Luck is on my side…. fingers xd

  11. vinyizzle’s the bizzle. nice one, sket one and kid robot. i would love to have my own vinyl. but owning it will probably be the nearest i’m gonna get.

  12. SketBots Rule Fool!! Try not to Drool or jump in a Pool pull out your slide Rule that you got back in trade School cuz these toys measure Up like a big coffee Cup they got color and Style and a few have a Smile but they all are Worthwhile like a tropical Isle They came from Sket who made the character Set that’s fly like a Jet or an old TV set.

  13. crikey, these look nice!
    let it be me! me ! me, you hear, me!
    well, it would be nice to win, the last thing I won was a digital watch (2nd prize in a raffle in 1984)

  14. I am pretty sure that I would very much appreciate a case of lovely new sketbot friends. Please!

  15. Cute stuff from Sket! I especially like the ones that look like they have whipped topping on their heads!

  16. Can’t wait for these to come out. I will have to clear out room in my display case for them..

  17. um….i’m going to be totally depressing about this and say that i really like these things, but will probably never ever have the chance to own one to be completely truthfull…..sigh… seriously…sigh…

  18. ay those sket bots um….. i don’t want them I NEEEEEEEED THEM so just make life easy on you and pick me to win the case.

  19. will write till the pen stops/if i win my sket bots/will get jobs/like dinosaurs in bedrock…those are my friends i havent got yet

  20. Ooooh! Little toys to look at and play with. With cute little faces and buckets for their heads. And one is frowning. Can we make him happy? I think they would love to come live in the house of Go-Go Goth. Where everything is brighter on our side of black!

  21. sket bots are dope. my ceiling sounds like an old creaky ship. i wish my upstairs neighbors weighed a little less.

  22. i dont just like em…i ADORE….no….LOVE…no…..oh wait yes…LOVE THEM! They must be given to me!!!! hehehe please???

  23. aw, these are adorable! Defo a nice peice of work, Well done Sket! Please can you pick me for a box ^_^ X

  24. i am friends with this girl who happens to be a robot; she is way into the bot second from the right on the bottom row. She said the really digs the mystery of blank white eyes and dude who can pull of wearing gold.

  25. These are so sweet…I love Sket,and cant wait to get my hands on a few tomorrow,but a whole case
    would definitely make my week,and save me some $$$.
    Hook me up!

  26. One for the money, two for the show, three to get ready and four to go!! Sket is the one that puts us under the gun and the Bots are to blame with their twisted mind games. Today is the day that we all are led astray, with hopes of winning toys for all the good girls and boys. If Kid and Sket only knew of the wishes of the few, we would some day be rewarded instead of everything being horded. Peace out mofo!!

  27. Yowsa, super cute but not nougatine these sort of remind me of the very trippy live action show LIDSVILLE by Sid and Marty Kroft in the 1970s.

  28. Love these little critters!
    *atempt to bribe*….lemme win man and I’ll buy you a lottery ticket!! You never know…it could be you!!! πŸ™‚

  29. me me me me me me me me me
    i wanna win!
    | __ __ ___ _____ __ |
    | / _\ / / /___\/__ \ / _\ |
    | \ \ / / // // / /\ \\ \ 25|
    | _\ \/ /___/ \_// / / \/_\ \ []|
    | \__/\____/\___/ \/ \__/ []|
    ||*|\_ |*| _____ |*|\_ |*||
    ||*|| \ _ |*|| ||*|| \ _ |*||
    ||*| \_(_) |*||*BAR*||*| \_(_) |*||
    ||*| (_) |*||_____||*| (_) |*|| __
    |===_______===_______===_______===| ||
    ||*| _____ |*|\_ |*| ___ |*|| ||
    ||*|| ||*|| \ _ |*| |_ | |*|| ||
    ||*||*BAR*||*| \_(_) |*| / / |*|| ||
    ||*||_____||*| (_) |*| /_/ |*|| ||
    ||*| ___ |*| | |*| _____ |*||
    ||*| |_ | |*| / \ |*|| ||*||
    ||*| / / |*| /_ _\ |*||*BAR*||*||
    ||*| /_/ |*| O |*||_____||*||
    | /___________________________\ |
    | | | |
    _| \_______________________/ |_
    i’ll bet this ascii doesnt work…hmph

  30. Eeee these look so cool ! πŸ™‚ And we can get NOTHING here in australia ! These would build nicely on my lowly student poorness collectioN 1
    thanx !

  31. These are adorable! I love the ones that have little poop on their heads, and the ones with the Princess Leia look too πŸ™‚

  32. sometimes i wake up in the morning and i feel like i look like a sketbot they are usually the best days in the week. peace piano

  33. I sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  34. Its awesome
    Oscar WIlde said…
    “The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible”…
    You guys really put it to the spot with the designs !

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