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Oct 02, 2006

Show Coverage: Artvsts' Displacementary (09.30.06)

The Artvsts held their first group exhibtion, Displacementary, this past Saturday (09.30.06) @ The City Gallery in Singapore. The show went quite well with a large turnout. Toysrevil took tons of great pics (100+) of the show for those of us not living in Singapore.    The Artvsts dropped some really nice art with a pretty wide range from street-influenced character work to amazing toy customs to conceptual pieces as well as several really nice installations. Displacementary featured the work of the following Artvsts - LilPinkDevil, Maes2roOneTwoDelta, Orkibal, PhuEk!, TheKillerGerbil, and Zero .  Props to the Artvsts for bringing the tradition and aesthetic of street art to Singapore.  Also, thanks to Toysrevil for the great coverage.  Be sure to check out all of his  pics, and video shorts of the show on his great daily blog.  Great stuff.  Also, don't miss TheKillerGerbil's behind-the-scenes photo gallery including the creation of the installations.   

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