New Treesons: Firefly and Urban

Crazy Label has partnered with Treeson Creator Bubi Au Yeung on two new Treesons dropping shortly in Late November or Early December, the Firefly (GID) and th Urban (black edition).  As with the original, the two new editions are based on the continuing comic adventures of Treeson and his human friend, Ren. 

Treeson Firefly is a glowing reminder of why it’s a bad idea to leave your mouth open in a swarm of Fireflies.  The Firefly edition has embedded fireflys, glows in the dark, is limited to 500 pieces and will retail for $29.99.

Treeson is a creature of the natural world.  Urban sprawl often has damaging effects on nature as is the case with Urban Treeson, a victim of chemical pollutants.  Urban Treeson is limited to 1500 pieces and will retail for a very reasonable $20.00.

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