Necronomiconey from Angel Devil

Anna Puchalski (aka Angel Devil) known for her previous designer toys from Circus Punks and Toy2R, has just released her own original toy creation, Necronomiconey.  This wonderfully horrific rabbit is a homage to HP Lovecraft’s soft spot for cuddly critters.  What’s in a name?  Necronomiconey  is Necronomicon + Coney (antique term for rabbit).

Necronomiconey was sculpted and cast by Octobertoys. The  4.5" tall limited figures (50 for now) are custom painted with poseable bendy tentacles; each one is unique.  These are available for $60 with a special offer for those that attend the Chiller Threatre Convention during Halloween Weekend, 2006.  To buy one now, post a request to her blog.  They will soon be available from her online store and from select retailers in November.