Itokin Park x One Up – Robo Vinyl

We love Itokin Park’s resin figures — they’re handmade with the upmost attention to detail.   The only real downside is that they are fragile and inherently limited to very small runs limiting the fan base.
So we’ve been excited ever since we learned that Itokin Park was about to make the jump to vinyl.   

Here’s a first look at the upcoming Itokin Park Robo vinyl figures. Based on his popular resin Robo figure, Kazuhiko Ito has teamed up with One Up on this brand new vinyl version which stands 4.5" tall and is scheduled to arrive in time for the holidays this December.  The design is very close to the original though the vinyl version has a new backpack w/antenna which helps to fill out the character from the rear view.  Finally, the Itokin Park vinyl Robos will be produced in Japan — which should mean stellar quality.

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