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Oct 10, 2006

Gooma by Sergey Safonov

Sergey Safonov has been working to cultivate interest in designer toys in Russia by operating the Lunohod-1 designer toy store and also by organizing several Stikovka exhibitions of custom toys designed by local Moscow artists.  He's now created his own  character and figure, Gooma, based on the seeds of the Gooma tree.  Stories and comics will soon follow revealing the background of this travel loving character.  The two colorways pictured here were produced in a very small run in hard vinyl.

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hehehe I really like the green one! I want it!

I like everything but the gloss paint. I would prefer it all flat, but then again I am a fan of flat color. It still is a cool design.

Those are definitely toys I will be Looking for! I like the green one too!

Those are pretty nice!!

These figures are wonderful!

When/where will they be available?

Love these! Any information on where to purchase? Wish I understood Russian :)

Hey guys, thanks for warm welcome!
I hope I will find a way to send some of them over the ocean this year.

wow these are great

how cute.... three cheers for Sergey Safonov.

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