Fitzsu Grand Prix – Custom Cars for Charity

The Fitzsu Grand Prix is an art charity project featuring PLAYSAM Streamliner toy cars customized by 33 top international designers.  Participating designers including Michael Graves, Syd Mead, Tim Biskup, Dalek and Touma, have each taken the original PLAYSAM Streamliner designed by Ulf Hanses in 1984 as a starting point for their own artistic intrepretations.  Organized by the Fitzsu Society, a retailer tabletop and home acessories, the Fitzsu Grand Prix will benefit the World Childhood Foundation  by donating all net proceeds of the eBay auctions for the one-of-a-kind custom toy cars.  Check out all the eBay auctions now as they end shortly (Monday, October 23rd @ 1PM Pacific). 

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