All-Star Vinyl: King James Edition (10.06.06)

Upperdeck will release the King James Edition of the LeBron James All-Star Vinyl figures tomorrow (Friday) October 6th @ 5 PM  PST online at  The King James Edition is a new colorway set of the four figures: Athlete, Kid, Business and Wise.  For this new edition, each figure sports an updated style including new kicks for Athlete and Kid.  Athlete LeBron  comes decked out in the PE Houston "Oilers" Nike
Zoom LeBron III shoes and gear and  Kid LeBron  sports the “Birthday
Bundle” Edition Nike Zoom LeBron III’s.
Upperdeck is selling the figures by the set (total of 1500 sets) for $179.95 each.  If you missed the previously released  Chosen One Edition, this is your chance. 

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