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Sep 17, 2006

Trexi 3 -- Call for Submissions

Play Imaginative is asking for design submissions for the upcoming Trexi Series 3. Looks like there are four new heads to work with (left four above)!   Download the template, work up something sweet and send it to 'em. Hurry though, the deadline is October 15th with an expected Series 3 release date of February '07.  Who knows your design could end up as a production Trexi...

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Any idea if there's a limit to number of submissions per person?

There's no limit on the number of submissions from one person -- go nuts. It's also up to you which of the templates you use -- do one shape, do 'em all, or somewhere in between ;-)

which format should I use to send the files for the competition?
can I use flash? FLA file?

I think it needs to be in an illustrator format. I already have some I started.





Does the square head rotates? I hope it does! Its awesome!

Yes, the square head rotates.

When will the winners be announced? Any thoughts?

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