More from International Kaohsiung Arttoys Exhibition

The International Kaohsiung Arttoys Exhibition (9.9 -10.06) in southern Taiwan showcases the very best in asian designer toys primarily from  Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan.  We previously featured some brief coverage of the show but we’re back to show you the full scope of the show and the range of companies participating.  Thanks to Pixie, Tim Tsui, and Raymond Choy of Toy2R for the great pictures of the toys, the scene and the creators.

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5 Replies to “More from International Kaohsiung Arttoys Exhibition”

  1. Awesome pics guys 🙂 Can anyone tell me who made the bear/dog figure with the number 8 on its arm, and the Bunny in the same pic… cos they look fantastic!!!!!

  2. They are Polarbear 8 and Snow Bunny designed by Taiwanese character creator – Trunks. He is also a crazy toys fans!
    He just released his first toys as you saw during 2006 Taipei toy festival!

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