Brian McCarty – Broken Heart Robot Photo Shoot

Brian McCarty, toy photographer extraordinaire, was recently asked to work his magic with Genshi Toy’s Broken Heart Robot designed by Craig Perkins.  One outdoor location, several staff members,  untold amounts of gear later and the shoot is now in the can. So often we look at a beautiful finished pic without any thought to all the planning and work that went into that one "perfect shot".  From the photo shoot pics Craing sent along, we now have  a little behind-the-scenes look at that process.  Also, check out the cameo by Kricky – The Alien Frog.  The final Broken Heart Robot picture will be unveiled shortly. 


Wanna See More? Click below to view all the pics 😉
















Lots of talented people contributed to this shoot:

1st Assistant: Andy Babin
Wardrobe/2nd Assistant: Mitchell Marmorstein

Wardrobe Stylist: Darragh Marmorstein

Hair & Makeup Artist: Nesrine Ismail

Craft Services: Visnja Kurtoic

Model: Dara Kenealy

Model: Ethan Gregory