The Paintball – 20″ Dunny by Dave Blog + William Dunn

We’re starting to see some amazing Super Fatcap Customs created for The Paintball Show organized by Kidrobot.  The Fatcaps are cool but so far the 20" Dunnys have been mostly MIA.  Until now, this nice 20" Dunny was created by Dave Blog and William Joseph Dunn on behalf of The Daily Show for Kidrobot’s Paintball (09.07.06 in NYC).  The pared down design with the test pattern inspired design echoes The Daily Show in a subtle manner — nice job.  To top it off, Jon Stewart signed the back of the piece which should increase the amount of money it pulls in for charity.   Check out more pics including  in-progress shots of the creation of the Dunny in William Joseph Dunn’s Flickr Album.

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