Red Demon Revealed Part 4

Monster5 went back to clean up his sculpt of Muttpop’s
Red Demon. Notice the little details that Monster5 added to Red Demon’s
eyes. Below you will also find Bill’s beautiful illustrations of the
Luchadores5’s confrontation with Les Formidables. The collection of
images are taken from the upcoming Lucha Libre comic book series. For
more information on Les Formidables, be sure to check out Muttpop’s new
Blog.  The new
Muttpop Blog will continue coverage of the many OTHER aspects of
Muttpop’s ever-growing Lucha Libre universe such as influences,
character development, and comic page previews.

I am so excited to see
the comic book series coming along so nicely. Now you not only can
track the developments of the toys, you can also be up-to-date on the
comics!!! Check back next week for full view images of Monster5’s Red
Demon sculpt.







12 Replies to “Red Demon Revealed Part 4”

  1. Looking good. One can’t help but wonder – will there be a BLUE alternate colorway for the Demon? That’d be bad!

    Thank you!
    No plans thus far for a blue Red Demon? Is there any particular reason you are interested in a Blue Variation? Current plans are for an all black and Classico rendition. We have another very cool colorway that we will keep under wraps until a later time…
    Monster5 keeps his tools a secret! 🙂
    -Muttpop Bob

  3. Well, it seems like the name “Red Demon” is a possibly a cool homage to the famous “Blue Demon,” though the character looks & smells 100% different. So, it seems like a blue-ish colorway for the Red Demon figure could be a neat tip of the hat or whatever. Plus: who doesn’t like blue?
    Anyways, the all-black & classico versions sound terrific. I think classico El Panda is my favorite of the panda variants, straight up. I just got in the original El Panda the other day & am totally looking forward to adding Red Demon to the group.

    Your very right. “Red Demon” is an indirect homage to “Blue Demon”…but his personality and character are too different from the “Blue Demon” to do an effective “tip of the hat” to this awesome Luchador.
    If any character would have a “Blue Demon” rendition, it’d be King Karteca (he’s the guy in white from the Luchadores5).
    Thanks for the feedback on variants. We are also huge fans of the Classico versions…we plan to make Classico renditions of all of our figures!
    -Muttpop Bob

  5. Nice!
    not 100% sure on the eyebrows but I think with paint they will look great 😀
    Is his tie longer now? It looks like it may be but I can’t be sure. I’d like a longer tie.
    Also I think his rolled up sleeves need to be a bit chunkier and I preferred his angular shoulders. But those are minor details and that’s just me 🙂

  6. Regarding the eyebrows, I have to say I think they’re pretty rad & go a long way in showing the expression/intent on Red Demon’s face. Pretty suave.

  7. I think there was a comment on either the Tequila or El Panda pages that said Monster 5 uses the slightly difficult to find gray super-sculpey.

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