Red Demon Revealed Part 7

This week is our 3rd look at the sculpt of Muttpop’s Red Demon figure.  Last week’s post  highlighted some revisions including the  tailoring of the jacket with much snugger sleeves.  That was just one set of revisions in a long process. As many of your comments pointed out last week, there was still more work to be done to ensure that the final figure would be a faithful 3d representation of Bill’s creation.   With their keen attention to exacting detail, Muttpop had Monster5  perform delicate cosmetic surgery with two key requests:

"Lose the Nose"
The first thing that Muttpop had qualms with was Red Demon’s nose. Bill made the stylistic decision that Red Demon would have no visual cues to a nose. As requested, Monster5 flattened the area between Red Demon’s eyes and mouth.

"Less Crotch"

Also, Red Demon’s crotch region protruded a bit more than the Muttpop crew
felt was necessary. Red Demon needed to be more James Dean and less Michael
Jackson. Monster5 appropriately sanded Mr. Demon’s nether regions.

Many of you have been asking about the comics.  So, we’re stoked to bring you one of Bill’s amazing Luchadores5 comic pages in its final penciled and colored form. Bill colored the page himself (something that very few comic artists do).

For more artwork and character designs by Bill and the other marvelous artists from the Muttpop crew, be sure the check out their ever growing Muttpop Blog. Check back next Friday for the latest on the development of Red Demon.


5 Replies to “Red Demon Revealed Part 7”

  1. yea pretty tight how you guys made changes to tailor people’s comments. “more James Dean and less Michael Jackson.” freakin’ hilarious… lol

  2. Very nice, very nice. Definite improvements all around, sirs. Nice work! Yeah, this guy is going to be suave, no questions asked. I’m already planning to have a Red Demon / Imperial El Panda pairing on my desk when the figures are released. Woo!

    Thanks. WARNING: Sanding of the junk may cause permanent damage! Please leave it to the professionals.
    Gracias, amigo. I wasn’t sure if people would dig that phrase…your comment made my day. 🙂
    Glad to see you back! You see, we’re all zen like with your perspective. I hop you dig the final piece!
    -Muttpop Bob

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