Red Demon Revealed Part 6

Here’s the latest batch of pictures of the first revision to Muttpop’s  Red Demon figure. In these full front sculpt , all the elements of the figure come together to create a very clear
emotional vibe and attitude. Monster5 has now added a complete tie, sharper
edges to his dress shirt, and fuller volume to Red Demon’s pant legs.
As per the Muttpop Crew’s request, Monster5 significantly reduced the flare
of Red Demon’s sleeves, giving Red Demon’s suit a sleeker more fitted feel.
Also included below is a hilarious panel from the upcoming Luchadores5 comic
illustrated by Red Demon designer and co-creator: BILL!

8 Replies to “Red Demon Revealed Part 6”

  1. Yo-Yo, This guy is starting to look weird in the crotch/torso area. I dig it & all, but yeah, its weird. SO whatarewelookinat for the release date of this mug? Diciembre?

  2. OK… I have waited long enough… how do I get on the list to get one of these guys… when it drops I want it for the center of my collection.

  3. I agree. The skinnier version looks much better. Now he looks like he’s wearing El Panda’s clothes over a padded suit.

    We totally agree with the issues you have with the torso/crotch area…that is one of the things that we asked Monster5 to sand down. I think you’ll be happier with the revised version. We’re doing EVERYTHING we can to get Red Demon released this year…let’s keep our fingers crossed…
    Thank you! We keep everyone on our mailing list updated about every figures’ release date. If interested, e-mail a request to be added to the mailing list to:
    I understand the concern. Red Demon was bulked up a little to ensure the FINAL version is stable but still skinny. Every figure loses about 5-10% of their size and detail during the transformatio from sculpt to rotocast vinyl. As such, the final figure will look a bit skinnier than the photos show.
    See above. You’ll notice the difference in due time…but thank you for your concern and comments!
    -Muttpop Bob

  5. Thanks for the updates on the torso situation. Whenever the release ends up being, I’ll be ready to purchase, no questions asked. ALSO – interesting to learn that 5-10% of size is lost during the transition from sculpt to cast. Once again, cool inside look at the process.

  6. Hey there. Is there any chance there’s going to be a limited run of Monster 5’s original sculpt? I like the direction that you’re going in but I’m still in love with the original prototype.

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