My Prized Robos

So, I am not the type to flaunt my toys around, but I just can’t help it this time around. My trip to Taipei Toy Festival resulted in two of my best toys purchases in a long time. Both are the Expo Robos sculpted by Itokin Park but each of extreme differences in nature. First up is the Psychadellic Robo,
commissioned by One Up and designed/painted by Itokin himself. There
are only three of these made, one was auctioned at TTF, another is
owned by One Up and the last one….well, obviously moi :-)….The other Robo is a crossover between Cronic and Itokin Park.
This spooky one is shrouded in Cronic’s color scheme executed by Itokin
Park. Now this piece took a bit of effort to get. Let’s just say, the
auction went on a tad longer than I expected it to. In the end, I
parted with  5000NT (US$150) and in my hands sat one of the five Cronic
x Itokin Park Robos. Eat your heart out folks!!!








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  1. Henry: I thought of calling you from Taiwan during the auction…but I sooo wanted it for myself!! heehee

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