Broken Heart Robot Review

Genshi:Toy founded by Craig Anthony Perkins is a newcomer to
the designer vinyl toy scene. Broken Heart Robot is Genshi:Toy’s first vinyl
toy. I’m sure you have read the story behind this sad robot, if not, just
check out the website to learn more. Broken Heart Robot comes in four
colorways, Standard Blue, Glow-in-the-Dark, SDCC Exclusive Clear and finally a Blank edition. Let’s first talk about the design. This toy is simply sketched with
a pained facial expression and what else???….a broken heart on his chest. The
toy’s simplicity and straight forward feel makes up the lack of extravagant
details. The shape takes on a more interesting turn. The twisted head with a peculiar flat top is slightly bent forward as if trying to conceal possible
tears. The pudgy body finishes up the shape. Despite a slight flaw in the uneven
legs, the 6" tall Broken Heart Robot stands quite firmly. With four different colorways, many people are bound to have a favorite.  Mine? The Blank edition which has lots of creative potential. The Standard and GID Broken Heart Robots are available in stores and retails at $39.95. The Blank Edition is only available via Broken Heart Robot’s website and retails for $49.95. Stay on the look out for Craig’s next toy, Kricky the Alien Frog.







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  1. I’ve finally completed my whole set of these guys. Definitely one of the more original designs out there. Great work genshi toy!

  2. this little guy could be me; my heart is broken, it was done by the man I love more than I have ever loved any & it hurts so much. Thanks for making the perfect wall paper!

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