Angels and Gringos – Chapter 5

The Monahan brothers are particularly excited to unveil Sancho’s colorways this week.  Not wanting anything too bleak they have juxtaposed the vibrant Day of the Dead colors with the skeletal Sancho to give a fresh take on the undead theme.   Now that you’ve seen all three, what’s your favorite?

7 Replies to “Angels and Gringos – Chapter 5”

  1. Hard to say. I’d like to see maybe the beige Gringo in number three on top of the darker orange ostrich in number one? It’s hard to pick one. It’s looking great.

  2. I like the orange colored scheme. Where will these be available? I’m a retailer in Phoenix, AZ and am interested in getting these for the store.

  3. Thanks for your comments everyone.
    To answer your questions, the GID version is a reality that will be revealed as the weeks go by.
    As for the greyscale – I started out making a greyscale and ended up with the one marked Canary. It is a subtle gradation of yellows that was too intriguing for me not to pursue.
    As for availability – they drop on November 2nd – Dia de los Muertos- and we’re planning a bi-costal release (LA and NY) There will be more info soon as to where to order.
    Stay tuned,

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