Toy Tokyo @ SDCC

The store we can always depend on to find a wide range of toys is Toy Tokyo and
each year a visit to their booth is quite a treat for us, non-New
Yorkers. This year’s selection is just as plentiful with a few extra
surprises. Among them were a handful of Mike Burnett’s hand crafted wooden toys. I am proud to say I am a very excited owner of a Soy Tokyo. Another artist showing his SDCC exclusive monster toys is Chris Ryniak.
This is the first SDCC appearance for both artists, so swing by the
booth during their signings and show your support. Another highly
anticipated event was Thunderdog Studios’ release of 50 Mutt Riot. 25 tickets were quickly passed out and the toy sold out immediately. Check out the action!!

Mike Burnett’s SDCC Exclusive

Chris Ryniak’s SDCC Monsters

  Chris Ryniak’s SDCC "Hater"

Ralph Cosentino

Subservient Chicken

Tristan Eaton