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Jul 20, 2006

STD @ SDCC - Booth 5029

STD Toys (hmm, interesting name) -- Slick, Tony (founder), and Dez made its official debut in Booth 5029 sharing space with Merit International.  STD showcased two of the Doodle Barn figures (1 thin, and 1 more portly) from Dez Einswell.  Each has an outer jacket/shell which can be lifted off the figure -- so you get two distinct looks in one figure.  There were three colorways on display -- standard, gold (apparently limited to 30 pieces), and a black DIY edition.  Slick on the other hand was showing his new Shaolin Monk mini-figs.  These are quite cool -- cute yet fairly detailed and varied.  As you can see there are several variations with different facial expressions and accessories. The older gray-haired monk looks really interesting as does the monk with the long traditional chinese Q hair style.   We'll definitely do some followup on these as right now we have more questions than answers ;) 

Dez Einswell's Doodle Barn Figures

Gold Edition - 30 pieces

Jacket removed


Slick's Shaolin Monk Figures

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Oh man, those DIY are sic!

Man these are dope!!


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