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Jul 18, 2006

SDCC Signing Schedules

Update: Added Simone Legno's 3 to 4:30 PM signing (7/23) @ STRANGEco (v1.1)

So thanks to Francine's  hard work, we're happy to be able to offer you two compiled SDCC signing schedules  -- one by booth and one by date/time.  These are available as two separate PDF files.  Please note that while we have tried to ensure accuracy, these schedules are in flux and are subject to change.  Please verify the schedule with the vendor at the convention to ensure accuracy.   To download you may want to right-click the links and select "save as...".  Enjoy!

Signing Schedule by Booth
Signing Schedule by Date

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thank is so awesome! thanks. i was just trying to make a schedule!

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