Red Demon Revealed Part 2

Monster5 began to work on a rough rendition of Muttpop’s
Red Demon sculpt. As can be seen by the two head shot images, Monster5 was
able to capture the attitude and style of Red Demon immediately.
We have also included some of Bill’s renderings of the Luchadores5 universe
for your viewing pleasure. The universe of the Luchadores5 is Bill and Jerry
reinterpretation of East Los Angeles. When developing a visual
tone and style for this fictional version of East Los Angeles, Bill hoped to
capture the beauty and energy of the city.
Check back next week for a complete view of Monster5’s rough Red Demon
sculpt and more of Bill’s development artwork.


9 Replies to “Red Demon Revealed Part 2”

  1. WOW…This is the bomb!
    Its going to look so good when finished!
    Im still trying to get over how awesome the other 2 characters are…and now this.
    Best toys in town, i swear!

  2. This is by far my favorite Luchadore figure so far.
    Am I the only one that thinks a colorway/exclusive of the Red Demon in a black suit and fedora (dressed all pulp detictive/noir like) would kick serious ass?
    Either way, Muttpop, Monster5 and co, keep up the awsome work!

  3. Wow nice work!
    I’m really liking this one, Tequila and El Panda were great but to be honest I didn’t feel their full characters came through in the final piece.
    But this guy looks awesome already!
    Btw, why did you guys start off with Tequila and El Panda when they aren’t part of the Luchadores 5 team?

  4. yes, yes, yes, yes and yes! please keep (or at least don’t change too much) his pursed smoking lips, and the roughnes of the tie!
    he’s by far the coolest of them all!!

    Thanks! You’ll get a clearer idea of the full sculpt next week.
    Thanks, man. We’re hoping to add a little something more with each figure that we create. We really appreciate how much you are digging our stuff!!!
    You’ve decided this early in the game, huh? Awesome! I have a feeling you will be very happy once Red Demon is in your hands.
    Great idea. The fedora hat may be tough to create at this stage (although I LOVE the idea!) but there’ll definitely be a BLACK BEAN version of Red Demon. We really LOVE how our figures look in black! 🙂
    It’s all a part of the same universe. Via backstory, Tequila was originally a member of the Luchadores 5. Tequila and El Gladiator (the leader of the Luchadores 5) are childhood friends. El Panda was a natural second choice because he’s Tequila’s arch-nemesis. To me, Tequila has a very charming look and attitude that made him a natural as our first release.
    Thank you! We’re working very hard on bringing Red Demon to you. 🙂
    Monster5 really got this character with the rough sculpt. The pursed lips will stay, but the tie will eventually be given a smoother finish. I hope you like the final results!
    -Muttpop Bob

  6. the muttpop figures are the first thing in a long time to turn me into a proper old fan boy! i gots the lot, the main figures, the variants, the prints and the signed tequila making of booklet! cant wait to add this one to the shelf!

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