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Jul 20, 2006

Preview Night - Kaching Brands / Level 5 @ SDCC

Kaching Brands may be a newcomer to the vinyl scene, but you'd never know it by the large crowd around their booth.   People are definitely curious about the company and their many toys on display -- the buzz seems pretty upbeat.  The first thing one is likely to notice about the booth is the elaborate 2 story setup -- definitely raising the standard a notch or two.  The main action is downstairs with several display cases filled with new toys -- production pieces for sale and prototypes of upcoming figures.  The 2nd floor will aparently be a "chill" pad.  The sheer number of figures on display here is pretty staggering. 

We took a few brief pictures on preview night (wed) but we'll have a much more complete set tomorrow.  There's definitely much more to see!  Until then enjoy this small advanced look at the booth.  Briefly, pictured in this set are the two Dumb Dummies figures by Toby HK: Holy, the very large boxer (missing a chunk out of his ear!), and the Toby figure patterned after the designer himself.  Additionally, there's a group shot of several of the FLCL 12" Canti figures. 

Kaching Brands -- Two Levels !

Bruce Lee by Arnie Kim

Holy and Toby HK figs



By Viva Graphics

FLCL Cantis: Toby HK x 2, Phuek! (custom), MAD


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