Kidrobot @ TTF

Taipei Toy Festival.  The first day on the show floor has come and gone.  We have loads of pics and will try to push them up quickly.  The goal is to do this booth by booth, in no particular order (as of yet!).

While the recently released Mongers and Mad Barbarians Dunnys are available for purchase at the booth, we’ll focus on the new stuff.  Fatcaps!  TTF is the debut of the Fatcaps with an exclusive TTF GID Fatcap.  This is available for purchase at the booth.

Several upcoming toys were shown at the booth including the upcoming 8" TADO Dunny, a beautiful Kenzo Minami 8" Dunny, Huck Gee’s new cowboy themed Kidrobot (sweet!), the new Flowbots series and what we believe is the new labbit form factor.  We’ll tighten this post with details over the next day or so — still jetlagged 😉

Btw, Mad Barbarians will be sigining Friday and Saturday so we’ll have pics of that tomorrow (hopefully)



Kenzo Minami



KR by Huck Gee

New 5" Labbit


Fatcap — GID TTF Exclusive

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  1. The Kenzo and KR Bandit are pretty cool.
    Whats with these fat caps, wasn’t this inspired by a custom someone from the forums did?

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