Gumliens Kakukaku Kirinosuke TTF Exclusives

These cute yet fierece blue Kakukaku Kirinosuke warrior figures designed by Gumliens are TTF exclusives from One Up (booth )  There are  a total of 5 of these TTF exclusive figures including  3 larger hand-painted resin figures available for NT$4500 (~$155)   and 2 hand-painted  mini soft-vinyl figures available for NT$650 each (~$22.40).  There’s also a red colorway which is currently sold out.   I’m digging these and wondering if we’ll see a production run of the smaller figures since they are apparently vinyl.     One Up is thinking out-of-the-box with their super-limited TTF exclusives from talented Japanese designers such as Gumliens and Itokin Park. One last thing, you might be asking Gumliens?  These gum (chewing) a(liens) are created by Gumtaro and Hitomi Hirayama.

3 Replies to “Gumliens Kakukaku Kirinosuke TTF Exclusives”

  1. Wowhhhh. This is so cute. The shape of the toy is so well done and balance. very nice toy. Hope they will be in production.
    Nice job!
    Dr.Bao….NVC crew….

  2. We rejoice in 2 good comments.
    Receiving message from the place other than Japan, we are glad! Thank you very much!!!

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