Bruce Lee Lives thru Arnie Kim

The master of Bruce Lee figures, Arnie Kim, made his first appearance at SDCC in the Kaching Brands booth.   The Game of Death 12" figure is incredible.  The life like face really needs to be seen in person, up close to be truly appreciated.  However, the sculpting detail continues to the body — the forearms ripple with tense muscles, the torso is detailed and chiseled.  This is not the standard story of detailed face attached to a fairly generic body.  No sir. This one will drop shortly from Enterbay with exclusive US and Canadian distribution by Eight Eight 8.   Arnie signed the figure’s brochure — an innovative nunchucks style design with a chain connecting the two mini-booklets together — for fans.  Arnie is the clear master of the 12" form at this point — we can’t wait to see future releases.

Beyond Bruce Lee, Arnie also has an amazing Saving Private Ryan figure featuring Captain John Miller (Tom Hanks).  Writer and Director Frank Darabont made a trip to the booth to check out the figure in person.

Arnie Kim






Frank Darabont and Misa Jones

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  1. It looks like both Frank Darabont and the Tom Hanks figure are both trying to cop a feel…

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