TTF Exclusive Zyuraisu from Cronic

TTF Exclusive Zyuraisu

This Taipei Toy Festival Exclusive Zyuraisu from Cronic will be available at One Up’s TTF booth.  The color scheme seems to match that of their TTF exclusive Maverasu but it really pops on this shape.  So if you’ve got a weakness for Japanese fighting monsters, you might want to take a look at this special edition.  Also, One Up also sent along pics of their much darker 5th Anniversary Zyuraisu.  This one is apparently sold out already, but considering the powerful dark vibe it might be worth looking for in the secondary market if you’re a fan of this genre.

One Up 5th Anniversary Zyuraisu

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  1. Ditto. Always surprised when something like this sells out so soon for so much while so being worth 50 cents.

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