Sket One’s Customs for Subcultures @ Channel 1 (06.02.06)

Sket One has cooked up five creative customs which blend designer toy and every day food and household products for the  Subcultures show which opens today (06.02.06) at Channel 1
in New Haven, CT from 6 to 9 PM.  This fourth Subcultures event focuses
on the art of the action figure with pieces from the following artists:

Matthew Connelly, Jesse DeStasio, Steve Forde, Josh Izzo, Justice
Joseph, Mark Nagata, Phil Ramirez, Sket One, Roy Wasson Valle, Tyson
Summers, Kevin Winnik, Toy2R, Vice Magazine
and many more.

Channel 1 
220 State Street
New Haven , CT 06511



18 Replies to “Sket One’s Customs for Subcultures @ Channel 1 (06.02.06)”

  1. Wonderful!
    Fantastic ideas suberbly executed.
    The only one I think is a little off is the TT, a little too white, not enough design on the bear, but still briliantly done.
    Well done Mr Sket 😀

  2. DOPE!!!! Great work as always man! Take lots of pics at the show.
    hmmmm…might have to pick up that MAD*L.

  3. Hey all the product customs i did for subculture show are for sale. Please contact
    Channel 1 call 1-888.SHOP.CH1 ask for Lou
    The Hershey’s Munny is sold.
    Thanks again for the great feedback!

  4. So sweet!
    Love all your work,its totally dope!
    My favorite of this series is the Heinze Tomato Ketchup…probablly ’cause im obsessed with that sauce!
    Craig from Welsh land.

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