Omni x Pixie “MINE” So What Figures

Updated: edition size, removable heads

After a year of relative silence, PhalanX’s So What Figure is back with the Omni x Pixie "MINE" figures as part of the new Formula Series. This figure was designed by Taiwanese singer, Jay Chou, as an exclusive for his Omni store.  As with all the upcoming Foruma Series figures, Mine comes with 2 interchangeable heads — monkey and humanoid!   MINE is limited to 200 pieces with  1 in 10 being a special hand-signed chase figure blinged out with real crystals.   MINE  will be available at Pixie’s TTF booth (A 38).  Also, in other toy news –  PhalanX will have an exclusive edition of  adFunture ‘s upcoming London Police figure in the near future.

Source: Pixie Blog