Aadizookaan – Blaine Fontana @ Gallery nineteen eighty eight (06.03.06)

Blaine Fontana’s Aadizookaan opens this Saturday, June 3rd  from 7 to 10 PM at Gallery nineteen eighty eight  and runs through the 17th.  The show will feature new original  works and installations. Blaine’s work fuses a love of nature with a sense of mystical  wonder.  From what we’ve seen, fans and collectors alike are in for a treat. Thanks go to Blaine for letting us bring you this sneak peek at the many excellent Aadizookaan pieces.  So if you’re nuts about Blaine’s work, love great art, or maybe hunting for something out of the ordinary for Saturday night, drop by and soak it in.

l to r: Humorous Lies,  Spider Woman’s Stories

Gallery nineteen eighty eight

7020 Melrose Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90038