Nanospores on the Radar

Hep Nanospores

There are several new Nanospore projects on the horizon.  First up, is the Hep Edition (Series 01 Version 02) which is a new colorway series of the original Nanospore series.   These feature electric color palettes and are much more lively than the more subdued color schemes seen in the first release.  The Hep Edition will first be made available at the Pixie/PhalanX booth for the  3rd Taipei Toy Festival which will be held july 6th through the 9th. 

There’s also a DEVILMIX version of the Ellie figure (geisha spraycan) designed by Devilrobots for Nanospore and Toy Tokyo.  This one will be an SDCC release with an accompanying signing.  It’s not clear if we’ll see DEVILMIX versions of each Nanospore figure — though that would be cool for sure.

As if that’s not enough, there’s also the Lit Nanospores — featuring GID versions of the figures.  These will be quite limited and available sometime in July.

Hep Nanospore Box

Lit Nanospore Box

Devilmix Teaser

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  1. Cool, i’m not keen on the vol2 designs but the g.i.d look nice, and they shouldn’t have much of a piant job to bugger up like the first series.
    Though I am still weary of getting any more Nanospore, the designs are fantastic but the quality really put me off, especially at that price!

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