Lunartik in a Cup of Tea – Resin Figure

Lunartik in a Cup of Tea by Matt Jones

Matt Jones (Lunartik) has been toiling away on his dream toy project for about 4 long years.  You might remember his QT Qee featuring a squirrel and a cup of tea that was featured in the Design-A-Qee Series.  Lunartik in a Cup of Tea  is the full  original 3d-realization of that humorous concept. This resin figure is almost too good to be true.  While one might think about dunking a toy in a cup of tea for the sweet display effect, it’s umm probably not something that would wear well in a display cabinet 😉 Thanks to this resin figure designed and hand-built by Lunartik, the stunning visual is now a reality with no mess nor fuss — well for the collector!  Lunartik in a Cup of Tea tips the scale with an adorable character wrapped in a sweet design concept.  Props to Matt for sticking with it and making the toys on his own — one at a time by hand.  DIY lives.  To see the whole process of bringing the figure from sketch to 3D reality, check out the behind-the-scenes gallery at or Issue 7 of Clutter Mag.

Initial sketch

2.5D illustration

Proto build

First resin casts

19 Replies to “Lunartik in a Cup of Tea – Resin Figure”

  1. Delme, you monster… now how could you gulp down that poor little fella. 🙁
    I just hope I can save a blue one for my sis and me. ^_^

  2. Saw it on Clutter Mag already. will it be released? Can I preorder it now?! don wanna miss such a cute cup of tea!!

  3. So yeah…I know little about this stuff. I have been following this website daily for a few months. I have been into making plush and other misc. stuff. Are there any other places that have a good general play by play on how to make vinyl toys. The page that shows how making this was really good but I was wondering if there were any other resources to look at?

  4. Mr Jones brought the prototype to my house and it’s better in the flesh kids. Best figure for a long time IMO and yes it’s a real tea cup. I’m seeing him tomorrow night so I’ll try to find out more on release dates etc.

  5. Thanks for all the nice comments guys,
    It’s been a long time brewing but it’s been well worth the wait, and the pain, and the time and the effort, Phew its been mad!
    Anyway, I’m now producing specials on request, So if anyone’s interested drop me a line.
    Thanks to all the people who have contacted me already, your all very nice.
    Anyway, better get back to the tea making, don’t want them to go cold!
    Matt Jones

  6. Look man, I wanna play. Whats all that stuff in the box things. I wanna make toys, can I make toys. whadigoddadoo to make toys, or lil vinyl crittergitters. tell me tell me now, i can’t take it, im gonna leave my wife and kids and job and neighborhood and walk around fjalgfio;flkhvbnvmnf everyone. please jus plug me in somewhere gimme some info please

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