April Munny Gallery

First a little introduction. My name is LIV3R. Maybe some of you  have heard of me before, maybe not. Anyway, I’m a huge fan of customising toys and especially Munnys. It’s a great platform, very simple and it has lots of potential. There’s a big group of customisers out there that think of it the same way. So many Munnys are customised these days. And some of them showcase  outstanding skills. Because of this it’s nearly impossible to show them all on this site. So Vinyl Pulse and I  came up with this idea to show what I feel are the best 20 (or so)  Munny’s done every month.  Of course ultimately this is about personal style and taste but I’ve tried to be more inclusive by presenting a wide selection.  In addition to presenting each month’s picks, I’ll also highlight a couple customs that really catch my eye.  If you’d like to submit a custom Munny for consideration, please email me a pic (800×600 or larger) at noordkade@zonnet.nl.

The first standout Munny for April was created by Ratcrtur. He did an excellent job on the creature he designed. The Sculpey and paint work were executed well. This one must have taken quite some time to get it the way it is now with all the details:  the dirty teeth, the eyes, the butt & belly, and ofcourse all the bumbs/zits on the body. The overall look is amazing! Well done!!

The second Munny I want to spotlight is by Robert Grimm. He gave his munny a toaster look and the  result is really tight. The bread that pops out of the head is an awesome touch!  Factor in the super clean paint job and the cooking accessories and you have a smokin’ hot custom. Great work!!

Enjoy my picks of custom Munnys done in April and I’ll be back next month with another set of sweet customs.



Daniel Damocles Wall


Jim Koch











The Pileup



11 Replies to “April Munny Gallery”

  1. May I submit a Munny I created for a show we had here in St. Louis MO U.S.A.?

  2. Hey John, ofcourse you can! Send a pic (min. size 800 x 600) to the following email:
    I’m looking whole month for the best munnys so if you got some more pics or sites I should check just let me know.

  3. I was surprised to see mine and a few otheres on here. Very cool. However, that toaster Munny was not done by Robert Grimm. It was a friend of mine named Brian Cumming. Rob Grimm took the photo.

  4. I Find Daniel Damocles’s one amazing. And the cooking one looks a lot like DGPH’s one… It had a couple of humand in the poëlle. I wish I had a link but their working on their website.

  5. could you tell me how to make one? i’ve seen some flippin awsome munnys and i want to submit one – problem is, i don’t have a clue on how to make one. do i buy a kit or something…?

  6. I’m fairly new to the munny thing. Anyone able to tell me how I can involve Sculpey into my design? I thought sculpey was to be baked.

  7. so i made one, but its not shiny like theres…jus wondering what type of paint to you guys use, and what type of marker for the detail parts?

  8. Hi, i’ve never been here but love all the munnies!
    oh my god! can i participate too? I fell in luv when i met my munny. I did make a Ninja one like kreig’s talking about in the blog.
    I even painted a digital set which i wanna make with actual 3d material. but the image was stuck in my head, so i had to at least get it out as i envisioned my munny. i’m planning on doing a video with him too (dunno when, since i’m pretty
    ADD with my art/creative interests)
    my website is
    http://www.yukistuff.com but my munny’s not in there yet, so please check out my myspace pic
    i wanna send u a pic too, can I, can I, pleeease!
    it’s so fun to paint toys. i wanted to paint the tofu robot too, but i was rejected (i think) on the basis that i’m not really in that art world yet. but it’s too fun, so i’m trying to do it anyway.

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