Scion Installation Tour hits Chicago (04.08.06)

Scion’s o6 Installation Art Tour featuring original art on 3 foot polyurethane Scion tC replica cars rolls into Chicago at DvA gallery on  Saturday, April 8th from 7 to 11PM and continues through the 30th.  So drop by and check out the tight 3 foot customized cars by Books llll, David Choe, Coro, Crash, Daim, Dez Einswell, Jeremy Fish, Blaine Fontana, Mike Giant , Kofie, MAD, Kenton Parker, Ricky Powell, Rammellzee, Dr. Revolt, Matthew Rodriguez, Rostarr, Sage Vaughn, Seak, Sever and Iosefatu Sua.  Oh, wondering who’s responsible for these monster car canvases — Wheaty Wheat Studios 😉

2568 N. Lincoln Ave.
Chicago, IL 60614

2 Replies to “Scion Installation Tour hits Chicago (04.08.06)”

  1. So…you’ll be well on your way before we can even get up there at 9 then? :p
    Big ups to Wheaty Wheat, MAD and all the other artists and especially to our homies at DVA!

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