Blind Art from Future Plastik

In their relentless quest to make original art available to collectors, Future Plastik has come up with a new project — Blind Art.  Eh?  Basically, it’s a blind-box approach to original art.  A slew of top-name artists have contributed sketches, doodles and drawings done on cards.  These original pices of art have been placed in envelopes and will be available for purchase starting on Thursday April 13th.  You won’t know what piece of art you’ve purchased until you open the envelope.  Opening blind boxes is always pretty exciting and this should be pretty exhilirating too 😉  Each blind-art piece will sell for £14.95 plus £1 shipping.  So whose art do you have a chance at finding inside these envelopes?  How about:

Playskewl * Jon Burgerman * Delme * MooDude * Robots Will Kill * TADO * Fiend * Anit One * Campbell Mcallister * Ckoe * MCA * Sket One * MAD * Hello Bard * Unik Produkt * HONK * Lunartik * Hammo * Cutter Skink * Tugamind * Blu * Blinky * Skwak * Koa

Here’s a look at some of the Blind Art, check out Future Plastik for more pics.

Blind Art!

Sket One

Moo Dude