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Apr 18, 2006

12" Bruce Lee: Game of Death Figure from Enterbay

The one, the only, Bruce Lee. Enterbay is about to let loose with an incredibly detailed 12" (1/6 scale) Bruce Lee: Game of Death  deluxe limited-edition collectible figure created by Bruce Lee specialist  Arnie Kim.  The sculpting on this figure is superb. The facial detail seems spot-on, it's Bruce, for sure. While the individually numbered figure is great by itself, this one comes with alot of "extras" :

  • 2 sets of interchangeable eyes + 4 pairs of hands for various poses
  • Accessories: Game of Death Nunchaku (w/case), Green Bamboo Stick, Game of Death Sport Shoes, and 1/6 scale bracelet.
  • Individually numbered booklet and certificate of authenticity
  • Integrated display background booth

This super-cool toy will retail for $300, and is limited to 3500 pieces (the man's an icon).  The figure is expected in July of this year and will go on pre-sale in mid-may at Enterbay.com. Bruce lives forever through us. 

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Jesus, Interchangeable EYES!!?

Arnie Kim is incredible....

Yes Interchangable EYES!!!!!!

teh Nunchaku catalog is brilliant too

read about how the nice folks at ART of TOY ripped arine off...

a sad tale ... unfortunatly happens...

but Glad to see that Things are moving forward!


This is amazing. Wish I had 350 bucks for this!

i want know bruce lee

i want know bruce lee


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