Takashi from NVC (Dr. Bao and Spive)

We have featured works of Dr. Bao before but this custom takes the cake. Dr. Bao and his friend, Spive have formed the NVC
crew. Natural Vinyl Crackheadz….Neurotics Vinyl Crackheadz…Nasty
Vinyl Crackheadz….!!!! However, you take it…they are a duo of vinyl
custom crackheadz. Their first custom is a 3 inch Dunny appropriately
named Takashi. Yap, underneath all that armor is a 3 inch Dunny hiding out. Dr. Bao
combined his artistic skills with his dentistry sculpting skills and
with a bit of imagination, produced one of the most elaborate 3 inch
Dunny custom I have yet to see in a long time. The details on Takashi
starts from the strands of hair under the ornate helmet decorated by
spikes of the samurai’s family crest. His sword along with his mouth
guard and eye patch emphasize the battle ready dunny-samurai. Why am I
describing this??? Just take a look yourself!!! Expect more to come
from this talented duo.

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  1. I like this a lot! NVC has me very interested in what comes next for them – I hope to have you guys participate in my charity show soon!

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