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Mar 15, 2006

Shin Tanaka SPIKY

Shin Tanaka is a graffiti artist in Japan and he has a new toy. It is not vinyl nor plastic, in fact it is made out of paper. Now...now... before you folks jump to any conclusions about paper toys, just sit  tight, Shin's SPIKY is certainly not your typical paper toy. SPIKY comes as a blank canvas that artists can splatter their designs on. From the photos below, you will see the several artists and brands Shin has collaborated with. SPIKY BABY is a smaller version and it is freely downloadable from Shin's website. You will get a different design each download, just as in when you buy a toy blindbox, you never know which one you're going to get. After printing, you then put together your very own SPIKY BABY.  Although SPIKY is currently  a paper toy, Shin is hoping someday he will make it into a vinyl toy. Either Vinyl or paper, expect more things to come from Shin and SPIKY.

Play Times




Sneakers Pimps





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SHIN TANAKA IS THE MAN when it comes to paper!

Spiky is awesome and the fact that it is paper is part of its charm..

Klim I was just going to write the same damn thing!! :) hahaha.

Shin is the master!

I downloaded a bunch of these little fellows a few days ago..
Splendid design, and the "blind box" random download is a great idea..

I have 'some experience' in paper toys and I join the previous posters: Shin is the absolute paper master!
It took me 20 minutes but then I had them all :D The mistery model is cool.

Shin is the Master

These are fun! thanks Shin!!!


I work at TRIBO SKATEBOARD magazine, and we would like to publish a photo of this work of yours. Do you authorize it?

Please let me know ASAP.

Thank you very much.

Best regards.

Ana Flavia

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