Lisa Petrucci Toys from B.L. Zebub Design

Lil’ Lady Lucifer

Lisa Petrucci has two brand-new monster girls vinyl toys in the works from B.L. Zebub Design.  The pics  are of the prototypes of Lil’ Lady Lucifer and the Bride of Flattop, sculpted by Matt McKenna.   These designs play up the scary/cute mix  well, are  detailed, and make me feel pity for the cats. Each figure  stands 7" tall (the Bride’s hair is more than 2" high) and will be available in 3 limited edition colorways.  Also, with a little luck there may be a Limited Edition Prototype version available at this year’s SDCC.

Never head of B.L. Zebub Designs?  That’s because it’s Mark Pedersen’s brand spankin’ new company dedicated to injecting the 60’s era popularity of  Monsters, Sci-fi and Hot-Rods back into today’s growing designer vinyl toy market.  They’ve got several additional toy projects looming including a special something from Jim Koch.

Bride of Flattop