Bill McMullen’s ShuttleMax Launch Nears from Kidrobot (03.30.2006)

Bill McMullen’s latest shoe-toy crossover, the ShuttleMax, launches from Kidrobot this Thursday (March 30th, 2006) with a  signing and release party at KR NY from 6 to 8 PM Eastern.  ShuttleMax, a hybrid concept mixing the space shuttle with Bill’s favorite sneaker, was originally seen on the swishnyc T-shirt and now moves into full 3d from Kidrobot. 


This piece which blurs the line between sneakers, aerospace collectibles and designer toys is 10-inches long, comes in three limited colorways,  retails for $169.95  and is part of the same ‘world’ as McMullen’s well-received and loved AD-AT Shelltoe Walker toy. 
Personally, I really dig this ‘toy’ — partly because the famous sneaker is worked well into the space shuttle framework, from the "laces" on the top, to the bubbles along the bottom edges, to the ‘tread’ on the ‘sole’.  In addition, I love the classic airplane style collectible stand which blurs genres. Following the Shuttle theme, Bill’s stand-alone 3" Dunnynaut ShuttleMax Commander Dunny drops on Thursday as well for $9.95.  Why not pick up both?

Here’s the breakdown on colorways:

  • Classic Grey/Neon Green        300 pieces
  • Red/White/Grey                    200 pieces
  • HK Game of Death                 100 pieces