STRANGE Carnival Party @ Yoyamart

Yoyamart  was the place to be tonight and the hot event was a party sponsored by STRANGEco,
STRANGE Carnival. All the hipsters of the designer vinyl toys were
there….all right maybe not all but there sure were tons of artists
and collectors gathered for a night of beer and artists signings.
Unfortunately due to bad weather, Nathan Jurevicius couldn’t make it but the folks of Friends With You and James Jarvis made
the party. Oh by the way, Jack and I got lost on our way to the store
and were heading the wrong direction when along came a guardian angel,
Raymond Choy of Toy2R….phew!!. Here is a look at what went down…



Little Yoya

James and Jim

Fans with Signed Toys

Richard and Andrew


3 Replies to “STRANGE Carnival Party @ Yoyamart”

  1. It’s a shame I wasn’t able to go last night. No trucks came to shovel my neighborhood streets until midnight… damn.
    Looks like an awesome attendance though. Hope you all made it home safely. 🙂

  2. this show was amazing.. !!!! i can’t beleive how the crowds came in the giant snow.. we fell all over each other jsut trying ot get there.. and had the best time with all of you!! wee ha!

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