Nanospore Giveaway!!!

I know….I know…it has been a while since we had a giveaway!!! So
here it is… another great contest for our readers to win some cool
loot. I bring you the Nanospore
by artists Paul Hwang and Ben Lee. I particularly like the art style
because they’re so different — mundane objects with a dose of
Nanospore flavor. What can you win? Well, I am glad you asked!!! The 4
sets of prizes are pictured below. The art prints are killer and each
is numbered and signed by Paul and Ben. I wish I could keep them all to
myself. How to win? Enter a comment in this post only!!! 

Be sure to check out Series 01 of the Nanospore mini-figs at your favorite retail or online source for designer toys.  Looking for something different? These might be a perfect way to introduce a friend to the very cool and oh so addictive world of designer toys.  Check ’em out!


1. A set of Nanospore 001 (all 6 pictured here)

2. Print and 3 Stickers(see below)

3. Print and Key Chain (see next pic)

4. Print and Key Chain (see next pic)

As usual here are the rules:
1. One entry per person; multiple entries disqualifies you.
2. Deadline to enter by: February 15, 2006 8:00pm  (PST)
3. Enter with valid email address
4. Shipping within Continental US is covered; shipping anywhere else is paid by winner
5. Winner must respond to VP’s notification within 72 hours
6. One prize per person

316 Replies to “Nanospore Giveaway!!!”

  1. I like spores!!
    Funny story:
    Friend of mine saw these show up on KR website, but no price listed. Thought she’d be sneaky and order up a bunch. She got the bill and was charged for all of them. She sent them back. So silly.

  2. Paul and Ben are doing some amazing things with their art! Very cool! Sign me up for the contest … I’d love to win one the great prizes.

  3. Cheese anyone? O, this is a contest of some kind. Sorry for the interuption. Please close the door when you are the last one to leave vinylpulse. And have some cheese.

  4. I’ll cherish her
    I’ll shower her with unrequitted love
    I’ll kiss her tenderly
    I’ll love you for eternity
    Te quiero, NANOSPORE

  5. I’ve seen Paul Hwangs illustrations in X fun magazine, they are fresh and I love the colors and the nanospore are equally great.

  6. Awesome stuff by nanospore. Super cool and the prints are a real bonus to go along with the toys.

  7. i was minding my business, reading ancient books of yore,
    when a little creature came through my window, my jaw dropped to the floor.
    what could this be, from whence did you came?
    and all the creature could say was one thing…one word…NANOSPORE!

  8. I just love these toys i have the poo and the blue guy.. i need the spray paint can guy hes so great.. thanks hope to win…

  9. Pick me, I feel terrible and this could make my life (though by the time the winner is picked, I will probably be better and it won’t be as big of a mood lifter).

  10. I want to put the Geisha head and put it on the pink and white section(geisha dress)and unite everything like Voltron!

  11. Nanospore I do adore
    Nanospore they fall to the floor
    So minute and cute
    So pleasant to see
    If I win I will jump up with glee!

  12. Eu ! Yo ! Me ! This toys are great, IΒ΄ve never seen them around Rio de Janeiro, IΒ΄m sure that they will be very happy to visit Brasil !

  13. I hope I win the nanospore contest! I first saw the figures in this book I have on character design… I’ve been on the lookout to get these little guys for a while.

  14. yeah.. i bought one.. and i got the maiden.. i wasnt that happy.. but everything else looks cool.. my friends got everything else -_-

  15. These are such nice and cute little fellas especially the girl and the gunther. Sure do I will be able to win them πŸ™‚

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