Jay Hobart: Tannin Munny for Save Huck @ MODA3

Tannin by Jay Hobart

Here’s another tight custom Munny for the Save Huck show / online auction @ MODA3 currently underway.  This is Jay Hobart’s Tannin Munny.  Jay provided us with Tannin’s story:

In the dead of winter a small but fierce creature fights for survival. The Tannin battles the elements in search of fine red wines to keep himself and his family warm over the frigid months since he is unable to hibernate. Traveling vast distances over strange lands and open seas on a raft made of corks, the Tannin never rests. Once enough wine has been gathered he makes the long return home to his mate and little one who have been busy baking enough chocolate cake to last the winter. Over these months, while listening to music, they will share their laughter and stories while keeping warm until the first thaw of the spring. With the coming of warmth brings barbecue and spring water to help replenish themselves from the harsh time they have just endured. After some much needed rest the Tannin soon has to begin his cycle for wine and chocolate cake again in preparation for the return of winter.




This intrepid traveller also comes with a button and sticker pack.  Want to provide him a safe harbor? Tannin and the other  Save Huck Munnys are being auctioned online @ MODA3 right now through , so check ’em out and bid generously to Save Huck