DIY Infestation Custom Wabbitz Contest

We’re happy to bring you the DIY Infestation Custom Wabbitz Contest in partnership with Brandon Sopinsky and  As the creator of the Wabbitz toy, Brandon is curious to see what YOU can do with his figure.  Here’s how this works, download the contest template (right-click, save as), drop your inspired design on it, and then send it to  Got more than one design you’d like to enter? No sweat, you may submit a maximum of 3 entries.   Prize?  The winner (chosen by Brandon) will receive a hand-made Wabbitz and a blank Wabbitz to make the winning design a reality.  So get designing, the contest ends on March 30th.  Once the winner is chosen, the submissions will appear on Vinyl Pulse.

DIY Infestation Custom Wabbitz Contest Prize

Contest Rules:

1. To enter submit your design on the provided Wabbitz template to
2. You may submit up to 3 different designs for this contest.

3. All entries must be received by March 30th.
4. Winner will be chosen by Brandon Sopinsky, creator of the Wabbitz.

18 Replies to “DIY Infestation Custom Wabbitz Contest”

  1. Great idea, will definetly get to work on it.
    One question, does anyone know if the template can be printed out then drawn/painted on & then scanned in & submitted?

  2. Hey guys, the figure is 5.5″ tall and you can do the designs anyway you want, just as long as we can get it in a jpeg format to put on the web!
    If anyone is having trouble opening the AI file email me and I’ll send you something that will work.

  3. If you guys use adobe acrobat that will open the file… at least that is what I used… or you can go to the web and download illustrator for a free 30 day trial… my first entry is in… can I enter more than once?

  4. hmmm …
    i am having lots of trouble viewing the contest template.
    any help would be great.

  5. hi… was wondering…
    hw do we noe if the wrk tt we have sent u has reached you..
    And where will u be announcing the results?

  6. Yeah go ahead and announce it every where!! I have gotten over 80 entries so far, and if you sent an email than i got it!! The ears are rectanglular with slightly rounded corners.

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