Yok and Draawer’s Exhibition at The Asylum

Contemporary artists Yok and Draawer have gathered their talents together to bring you a collaborative exhibition. Heed Weed is to open on January 25th at The Asylum in Singapore and will run through until February 9th. Raised on beer and BBQs, Yok,
an art school graduate was introduced to street art while on a trip to
Europe and was inspired to start doing his own. Yok’s characters are
loosely based on gargoyles, in medieval times architects would place
gargoyles on buildings to ward off evil spirits. Borrowing from this
thought Yok places his handmade paper/painted gargoyles on city walls.
He gets a kick out of seeing people looking up at his work puzzled. Yok
has been involved in many exhibitions around the world including
Singapore and held a few solo shows in Australia.

Draawer shares his hope, inspirations, nocturnal outburst, early morning excursions and attempts to challenge authorities through his Happy Chin®
character, which has been painted, drawn, printed, sprayed and even
sewn in various canvas, paper, wall and some unmentionables as seen in
several group shows like “I pity the dolls” in New York, Stickpop show
in Mexico, Sketches in Australia, 44boards in Ohio, LMAC’s zombies
world tour and most recently, Curious Eidolon’s Art + Heart Project in
Melbourne, IDN Designedge 05 and Asylum’s The Dinner Party in
Singapore; his hometown.

Here are pics of some of Yok and Draawer’s work. I bet whatever
the artists may be painting, their characters manage to slowly sneak up
on the unsuspecting  audience creating quite a stir!!  Here is your chance to
get up close and personal with them at The Asylum.

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  1. I’ve been a fan ok Yok’s work for a minute. Draawer is new to me. Looks nice though, especially that plush!

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