Bwana Sppons: Jessie’s Palace @ Wootini

Black Metal Steven

Bwana Spoons’  Jessie’s Palace  solo show is currently on display at Wootini  and if you don’t know who Jessie is, well I suggest you read up on him here.
I have quickly embraced Bwana’s whimsical work ever since I bought my
first GID Steven the Bat at SDCC 2005. Here are some of the many show pieces that are currently available for purchase. I want to
draw your attention specifically to the sculpt of Jessie and his
palace. The logs of the palace must have been strategically placed with
precision but how does one begin to build such a magical structure? Only Bwana knows!! And look at
Jessie, someone please adopt him?  Want to see more? See the gallery exhibtion page at Wootini. Thanks to Wootini for all the lovely pics.


Jessie and his Palace

I am a Tree Giant

Everyday We Go For A Walk

A Slippery Rainbow Slide

The Great Bagel Chase

Steven Ghost Holiday