Dr. Bao Pham’s Smashed Cans

Dr. Bao Pham, a dentist by profession but truly an artist by passion
has turned up his newest art pieces, "Smashed Can Art". Yap, between
patients, Bao smashed cans and turn them into pieces of colorful eye
candy. With a whimsical imagination, what would have been trash is transformed into scenery art pieces.  I particularly like the dioramas in which Bao has creatively used the well blended smashed cans to compose
the serene landscapes. Along with "recycling" cans, Bao had also
mastered "recycling" old toys. Just take a look at what he did to the
1988 Fisher Price toy "Ernie". The head even rotates!! If you like what
you see, drop Bao a line!!

5 Replies to “Dr. Bao Pham’s Smashed Cans”

  1. Great looking Dunny, incredibly clean lines for a hand made custom. It’s great to see a dentist use his dexterous skills for the forces of good… art.

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