Broken Heart Robot

Broken Heart Robot – height comparison

Here at Vinyl Pulse, we love to hear about new toys by new artists
because new blood ensures the longevity of this industry. One of these
new faces is Craig Perkins who is the "father" of a new toy called Broken Heart Robot.
The name of this toy says it all and his painful facial expression
makes the hurt even more vivid. The shape takes on an interesting twist
with an odd flat top head and slightly pudgy body. I bet this toy would
look great in a series of different colorways or even a customized
design by a skilled artist. The word on the street is several retailers have already expressed interest in carrying this little fella. It is
being manufactured by  ThreeZero who also did the UnklBrand toys and
the Mars-1 toys and the edition size is limited to 1000 pieces. The
release date is yet to be determined but make no mistake, we will not
let this one slide by. Stay tuned!!!

3 Replies to “Broken Heart Robot”

  1. Oooh, he looks so sad… I wanna give him a cookie and tell him everything will be okay…

  2. Why wouldn’t it be a real article? That doesn’t make sense. Go ahead and call some of the stores listed on his site and they will tell you… As for me, I can’t wait till it comes out! Looks great.

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